Reading and Phonics

How do we teach reading at Carnagill Primary School?

Here at Carnagill Primary School we strive to ensure that all children will leave our school equipped with the skill of reading as well as having a life-long love of reading.

To reach that goal we begin our reading journey with daily phonics in EYFS, KS1 and where necessary in KS2 using the Read, Write Inc Programme (RWI).


Read, Write Inc aims to get children reading fast. Our staff are enthusiastic and sharing stories is at the forefront of each session. Children are given decodable books carefully matched to their phonic ability. They see success and feel positive when they can read with increasing ease. By reading and re-reading books, they develop fluency and recognise more sight words. With three-readings of each story, the book is understood and expression is used. Our children develop and share ideas through partner work. They are given the tools to read anything put in front of them.




Mature readers

Once our children can read fluently and with a good understanding, they self- select books to take home from a selection of organised books. We have recommended reads and promote reading for pleasure. Teachers supervise and check which books children are selecting each week to ensure children are building upon their reading ability as well as gaining a love of reading.

Reading at home

Wherever possible, please read with your child at home and expose them to a variety of fiction and non-fiction. Not only is reading an essential life skill but it can be a really rewarding pastime where quality and interesting texts are available, and it will help build your child’s vocabulary as well as their written skills.

As well as having a wide range of physical books in school, we also have a fabulous virtual library on our website. Children can listen to the stories or read them aloud themselves. There is a variety of books, including a range of diverse PSHE books to share with all the family. The virtual library can be found in the Parents section of our website.

Please see below links to recommended reads for each year group. These lists show a wide variety of different books your child could read at their age, and some of them will be shared in class. All reading will benefit your child; please see your child’s teacher if you would like advice as to how to help encourage your child to read.

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Books For Topics Reception List

Books For Topics Year 1 List

Books For Topics Year 2 List

Books For Topics Year 3 List

Books For Topics Year 4 List

Books For Topics Year 5 List

Books For Topics Year 6 List

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