Early Years

Children in their first year of primary school follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. The curriculum is divided into seven areas of learning, although we recognise that, in practice, many of these areas overlap.

Communication and language Physical development Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Literacy Mathematics Understanding of the World Expressive arts and design

We focus on the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ in all that we do in Early Years. These are fundamental to your child’s learning and Development.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

Playing and Exploring – Engagement

·Finding out and exploring

·Playing with what they know

·Being willing to have a go

Active Learning – Motivation

·Bring involved and concentrating

·Keeping trying

·Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Creating and Thinking Critically – Thinking

·Having their own ideas

·Making links

·Choosing ways to do things.


The ethos underpinning our Foundation Stage is Planning in the Moment – the idea of capturing the interest of a every individual child in a particular moment and harness their natural desire to learn, explore and question.

Our setting offers an environment that enables child-initiated play in order to capture the moment of engagement, develop the child’s ideas and provide challenge which is tailored to each child’s individual need. Careful observation by practitioners ensures that these ‘teachable moments – opportunities when a child shows interest in an activity which can be built upon – are seized.

We use Tapestry – a learning journey app – to allow you as a parent to track your child’s progress through their valuable time in Reception. Observations are uploaded regularly; enabling you to be actively involved in their learning experiences and next steps – a feature we know our serving personnel appreciate. We welcome involvement from parents with parents invited to regular ‘stay and play’ sessions.

Our Early Years Leader is Katy Pattinson.

School re-opened to all pupils from March 8th 2021

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Reopening of school 8th March 2021

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