At Carnagill School, our curriculum is built around the attitudes and values of independence, curiosity, aspiration, commitment, kindness and pride.  Our school motto of ‘Inspiring Bright Futures Together’ demonstrates our commitment to developing the whole child so that they can succeed in life. Mental health and well-being is a key driver in restoring our school community after the disruption of the pandemic.


At Carnagill School, the curriculum we offer is based around the four key principles of:



We underpin all of this with:


The wider curriculum is implemented through a themed approach on a half termly basis. High-quality texts lead the curriculum intent and are implemented in an inspiring way to maximise engagement of children.

Key features of our implementation are as follows:

  • Books and engaging texts hook their engagement
  • Key questions build curiosity
  • Development of vocabulary and prioritising of talk builds the transferrable skills needed to effectively communicate their learning
  • Knowledge is acquired through high quality, interactive and engaging delivery
  • Independent learning opportunities encourage resilience and ownership of learning
  • Basic skills underpin the learning ensuring high standards are maintained
  • Real life visits and visitors help to secure pupils’ understanding of their place in the community and world
  • Discrete teaching in some areas allows for systematic teaching of skills
  • Development of children’s skills for life is integrated across the school day and throughout the curriculum


Wider curriculum books demonstrate a sequence of learning that shows the development of knowledge, the application of this and deep thinking. Children are enthused and inspired and are keen to share their learning with others; discussing their knowledge acquisition and describing how this can be used effectively in other subject areas.

Please see our whole school curriculum overviews for more details.

Key Stage 1 2022-23

Key Stage 1 2023-24

LKS2 2022-23

LKS2 2023-24

UKS2 2022-23

UKS2 2023-24