At Carnagill Primary School, we believe that assessment should place the child at the centre of their learning and that it should raise achievement for all. We focus on the progress of each individual child.

Assessment is not a singular activity; it is both about the measurement of performance at a given point in time and an ongoing process of gaining information to promote future learning. We believe that this process should be thorough, manageable and relevant.


  • To gather information about the performance of individual children, groups and cohorts in order to inform target setting and to monitor progress
  • To provide information to inform the school’s strategic planning
  • To gather information to inform teachers’ planning
  • To track individual, group and cohort progress
  • To allow children to be involved in their own learning
  • To inform the Governing Body of the school’s standards and achievement
  • To ensure that the positive achievements of a child are recognised and the next steps are planned
  • To ensure that barriers to learning can be identified quickly and appropriate intervention and support is given
  • To systematically record the overall achievements of all children
  • To ensure that the legal requirements for record-keeping, assessing and reporting are met.

All of the above will ensure that the school operates a rigorous system for assessment, where a wide range of factors are triangulated in order to ensure the highest standards possible for all pupils.

In addition, assessment supports teachers and the Senior Leadership Team in monitoring the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Please see our Assessment Policy 2022 for more details.

Our Assessment Leader is Mrs Claire Lewis.