Headteacher Mrs Louise Newport


Deputy Headteacher Mrs Fiona Shaw


FS1 (Nursery)

Pearl Class

Mrs Sarah Brown (Teacher)


Mrs Katy Burton (Advanced Teaching Assistant/HLTA)

Miss Faye Glistrup (Teaching Assistant)



Topaz Class

Mrs Katy Pattinson (Teacher)


Mrs Sarah Bain (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Sam Deighton (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Rachel Walton (Teaching Assistant)


Year 1/2

Diamond Class

Miss Vicky McNichol (Teacher)


Mrs Caroline White (Teaching Assistant)


Year 1/2

Emerald Class

Mrs Lauren Stephens (Teacher)


Ms Melanie Jenkins (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Laura Court (Teaching Assistant)


Year 3/4

Garnet Class

Mrs Sarah Bradshaw (Teacher)


Mrs Natalie Kirkbright (Teaching Assistant)


Year 3/4

Sapphire Class

Mr Rory Atkinson (Teacher)


Miss Jodie Biggins (Teaching Assistant)


Year 5/6

Peridot Class

Mrs Fiona Shaw (Teacher)

Mrs Esther Brown (Teacher)


Mrs Jennie Pickersgill (Teaching Assistant)


Year 5/6

Amethyst Class

Mrs Rebecca Wigham (Teacher)


Mrs Alice Needham (Teaching Assistant)


HLTA Mrs Helen Ayre


Learning Mentor Mrs Luann Hannon


SENCO Mrs Rebecca Wigham


Administrators Mrs Jackie Ayre

Mrs Sarah Dagg


Carnagill Crew Mrs Luann Hannon

Mrs Caroline White


School re-opened to all pupils from March 8th 2021

To download our most recent risk assessment, click here RA 8th March 2021

For more information about the re-opening, read our letter to parents here
Reopening of school 8th March 2021

Help us to stay safe at school.