Sports Premium

PE at Carnagill aims to give children the opportunity to experience a multitude of physical activities and sports in line with the National Curriculum. Competitive sport is encouraged and is fulfilled through competitions in school and against our cluster schools.

When successful the children can complete against other North Yorkshire schools in Level 2 competitions. Through a minimum of 2 hours of physical activity a week in the curriculum, children experience six aspects of PE: gymnastics, dance, athletics, swimming, games and outdoor activities.

In Key Stage One, the children are also taught the fundamental skills that will give them a platform to build on in the future. In Key Stage Two, children build on these fundamental skills and become more engaged in competitive sports.

Opportunities to play competitive sport are available on a consistent basis and lunchtime and after school clubs are available in preparation for these fixtures. Following the government recommendations that all children and young people aged 5 to 18 should engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in school, Carnagill try to use any free time to get the children moving.

Our children who come to school by bus and our Breakfast Club children have daily ‘Wake and Shake’ sessions before school to get them ready for the day. All classes also try to have movement breaks where the children are active in between lessons and activities.

Our Sports Premium Leader is Lauren Stephens and the link Governor is Grahame Shepherd.

PE and Sports Premium 2021-2022

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