School Day

Staggered Start and Finish

Under the current restrictions for COVID-19, we are operating a staggered start and end to each day.

 Drop-off Collection
Year 5/6 – 8.40am (children MUST enter the site unaccompanied)

Year 3/4 – 8.50am

Nursery – 8.55am

Year 1/2 – 9am

Reception – 9.10am

Nursery – 11.55am

Year 1/2 – 2.50pm

Reception – 3pm

Year 5/6 – 3pm (via the main school entrance – again unaccompanied)

Year 3/4 – 3.10pm

Children and parent should enter the site from the top of the hill on Derby Close and wait by the gates near the Children’s Centre. Exit will be by the gate at the bottom of the site on to Essex Close/Gough Road.

Usual Timings

Nursery/Foundation Stage 1

Every morning: 8.50am to 11.50 am

Reception/Foundation Stage 2, Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2)

Doors open at 8.50am
Morning: 9.00 am to 12 noon
Afternoon: 1.00pm to 3.15 pm

Key Stage Two (Years 3 to 6)

Doors open at 8.50am
Morning: 9.00 am to 12 noon
Afternoon: 1.00pm to 3.20 pm

Children should not arrive at school unaccompanied before 8.50am. The gates are open from 8.50am and children may enter school from that time. Registration is at 9.00am. Any children arriving after 9.00am must report to the main entrance.

Parents collecting nursery children at the end of the morning session may do so from 11.50am from the front entrance of the Nursery building.

There are flexible breaks of around 15 minutes during the day, and around 20 minutes is spent in Collective Worship. The hours spent in teaching for are:

Foundation Stage 1 = 15 hours
Foundation Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 = 21 hours
Key Stage 2 = 23 hours 50 minutes

Carnagill Crew Out of School Club is open between 7.50 am and 9.00 am, and 3.30 pm and 6.00 pm every day (except Friday when they close at 4.30pm.)