Most children join us in our Reception Class in the academic year in which they turn five. Our usual intake is 30 children, but we can extend this to 40 if there is demand

We want all children joining us to feel happy and confident about taking their next step. Nurseries in the local area say that we offer the best transition – weekly morning visits before the Summer break and a full day where the children even get to experience lunch! By placing greater emphasis on the child’s wellbeing, we enable the new starters to settle quickly and be very familiar with their surroundings and the staff well before their first day in September.

Parents are supported through the process too – through a useful new starter’s meeting. This provides information about the school and class, and give opportunities to ask questions. Parents also receive a starting school booklet which gives helpful tips and reminders ahead of your little one’s big day. Parental feedback from these mornings is always positive.

Mid-year moves are part of military life, so we are well-prepared for your child arriving as an in-year admission. Our arrival procedure ensures your child has two buddies – one from their class and another older pupil – to support them through their first few days of finding their feet.

As we are a community school, North Yorkshire County Council is responsible for our admissions. Make an appointment with the school office for visit and apply for your place online at

For more information, please read our Admissions Policy.

Joining our Nursery

nursery full time flyer

We accept children into our Nursery provision from the day after their third birthday. You and your child can visit before this to ensure a settled entry to the setting. Meet the staff, explore the environment with your child and see the provision they will receive.

Application forms are available from the School Office.

Carnagill Draft School Admissions Policy 2025

Consultation on Admissions Arrangements Sept 2025 Carnagill